We provide suitable arrangements for hospitality for your out of town guests. Our Hospitality section will take responsibility of your relatives comfortable stay during wedding period. Our staff take care of their everyday needs & make them feel at home. If there are guests who wish to visit the city’s historic places and good locations, we will provide the facility for sightseeing also. We provide services like:

  • Booking hotels, guest houses, inns, lodges etc. for the stay of your guests according to you budget.
  • Some fully furnished apartments/floors or other residential premises can also be arranged (if available) to give the guests all facilities like home.
  • During marriage, extra work at home demands more domestic help. So we arrange good cooks, maids, washerman, drivers, guards etc. to perform the daily tasks and ease your burden.
  • We stack up the refrigerators with necessary requirements like mineral water/ cold drinks/ soda bottles etc.
  • Keep a track record of available accommodations & their occupants.
  • Guests arrivals and departure management.
  • Organize local/ ground transport i.e. hire cars, buses, vans for local daily travel or sightseeing venues.
  • Arrangement of shopping trips for the guests.
  • Hospitality desk set up at the Hotel lobbies.
  • We will arrange for ready to serve meals, snacks and other dry eatables.

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